Using Interstate Tax Strategies, P.C. provides:

  1. Reduced risk from unexpected sales and use tax liabilities,
  2. Increased long-term profitability through effective sales tax management strategies,
  3. Better day-to-day management of sales and use responsibilities, and
  4. More time for leaders to focus on profits not sales tax

Overview of Multistate Sales Tax Issues

Interstate Tax Strategies, P.C. is laser focused on sales and use tax consulting; whether it involves a problem in one state or 45 states. Our goal is to help your business understand and effectively respond to the cumbersome and confusing rules of multistate sales and use tax. With 30 years of experience working with large and small companies, we know exactly what needs to be done to help your business minimize future sales tax problems, streamline sales tax processes, and resolve historical liabilities.    If you are a CPA with clients that have sales tax issues, please see the “Just for CPA” section of this site.

Identifying and resolving your company’s multistate sales tax challenges requires a proactive approach that combines technically sound advice and practical to implement strategies.

Our Interstate Sales Tax Consulting Services

With 28 years of interstate sales tax experience, we provide organizations with multistate operations with a full array of technically sound and practical to implement interstate sales tax consulting services. We are located in Atlanta, but work with companies located throughout the country.

Top 3 Sales Tax Risks Facing Multistate Businesses

Multistate businesses that are proactive in identifying and resolving their sales tax challenges can significantly reduce their historical and future sales tax liabilities. Businesses that are not proactive in addressing these issues often become the victims of aggressive sales tax auditors who want to extract as much sales tax from your business as possible. Unresolved sales tax issues can have a catastrophic impact on your business when detected by auditors.

For CPAs

In addition to working directly with multistate companies, we also work with the CPA firms and other advisors who have clients with sales tax concerns in one or more states. If that describes your situation, let us partner with you to provide a coordinated and appropriate approach to resolving these issues. Learn more information about this program.

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