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When it comes to Atlanta tax services, Interstate Tax Strategies, P.C. is your “go to” tax service provider for multistate sales and use tax. Though we are located in Atlanta, we provide tax services to companies throughout the U.S. with single state and multistate sales and use tax issues. Atlanta is the home to countless multistate businesses. Sadly, only a small percent of these businesses get the tax services needed to safeguard their company from the risks posed by this complicated area of taxation. Most CPAs don’t offer the comprehensive or strategic tax services offered by Interstate Tax Strategies, P.C.

Ned Lenhart, MBA CPA

Interstate Tax Strategies is owned by Ned Lenhart, MBA CPA. Ned’s 30 years of experience in sales and use tax consulting allows him quickly help companies deal with the tax issues they face. Ned started Interstate Tax Strategies in 2003 after serving as a Firm Director with Deloitte in their Atlanta office. Prior to joining Deloitte in 1994, Ned worked as a Sr. Manager with Arthur Andersen in their Kansas City, MO office. Ned also has extensive experience in tax administration having serviced as Director of Compliance, Deputy Director of Taxation, and Manager of Audits for the Missouri Department of Revenue. Ned is a frequent speaker to trade and industry groups and is active in the AICPA and GSCPA.

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Ned A. Lenhart, MBA CPA

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Core Value Statement

Interstate Tax Strategies knows that tax problems of any magnitude can distract you from effectively running your business.  Sales and use tax problems can add additional complexity because these problems can include multiple states and can cover many years of historical filings (or non-filing).  You may not even fully understand the scope and significance of the sales tax problems your business faces because the rules vary widely among the states and by industry.

Interstate Tax Strategies approaches each client situation with respect for your time and for your particular challenges.  We make every effort to communicate with you at every stage of the engagement and to keep you informed about the progress of your particular project and to meet or exceed the deadlines we set.  We believe that the sooner your business has the information it needs to manage its sales and use tax the sooner you can begin to implement any changes that need to be made.

Each engagement, regardless of the fee, is treated as the most important engagement that we are working on at the moment.  We don’t take short cuts to our research and we respect the confidence and trust you place in us to solve your sales tax problem or to give you the guidance you need to avoid future sales tax problems.  If we don’t think we can assist you properly, we will communicate that with you immediately and try to help you find a resource that can help you.

Thank you for considering Interstate Tax Strategies, P.C. as your source for multistate sales tax help.  If you have any questions we welcome your call.


Ned A. Lenhart, MBA CPA

Interstate Tax Consulting Services Provided

We assist our clients by developing technically sound, business specific, and cost effective interstate sales tax consulting solutions. Following are just some of the questions we frequently assist our clients address:

  • Where does my business have nexus for sales tax purposes?
  • Do we have the proper documentation to support sales tax exemptions?
  • Are we charging state sales tax correctly on the goods and services we provide?
  • Are our invoices prepared in a tax efficient way?
  • Are we handling our internet sales tax correctly?
  • Have we implemented our sales tax software properly?
  • Do we have exposure for back taxes and how can we resolve these problems?
  • Has the sales tax law changed on the tax rules changed products and services we sell?
  • Is our business taxing advantage of all the sales tax exemptions available?
  • How can we prepare for sales tax audits?
  • Have we overpaid sales taxes on the purchases we have made?

Let Us Help You

Our mission is to help your business understand and navigate the increasingly complicated interstate sales tax landscape. Regardless of your industry, if you operate in more than one state, you are an interstate business and you must evaluate the sales tax rules in each state where you conduct business. Even if you are only in one state, don’t assume your sales tax processes and procedures are correct. Each year, states collect millions of dollars in taxes, interest, and penalties on audit from businesses who thought they were handling their sales tax properly.

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