I’m Now On Twitter @salestaxpro

By August 27, 2010 Uncategorized

I finally broke down and joined the social media network twitter.  You can follow me on twitter at @salestaxpro.  I was really surprised how easy it is to set up a twitter account. It’s hard to do a lot of content in only 140 characters, but I’ll give it a try.   Here is what I will be doing on Twitter:

1. Posting updates to my blog

2. Announcing technical updates to my document library and other resources

3. Alerting you to new issues that may be of interest.

4. Once I get enough followers, I’ll be announcing special technical webinars and phone calls for only twitter followers.

If you are already a twitter member, I’d appreciate you re-tweeting my messages to your groups.  There are just a few sales tax folks on twitter and I seem to be the only consultant. The others are either bloggers or software companies.

Thanks for your help and support.

Ned Lenhart
Now on Twitter @salestaxpro