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2013-12-04 Voice of the Arts


Increasing Sales Taxation: Multistate Service Providers and Consumers Beware!
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Over 70% of the US GDP is derived from services, yet the traditional sales tax model is based on the sale of tangible property. As the economy changes, the states are forced to modify their sales tax structure to remain effective at collecting revenue to support state services.

In this Webinar, Ned Lenhart of Interstate Tax Strategies details how the states are especially targeting technology services (SaaS, Data processing, ASP, or information services), short-term staffing, and personal property installation services for sales tax revenue. Find out if your company could be incurring sales tax liability when selling or buying services.


Effective January 1, 2013 Georgia manufacturers will be eligible for a new exemption for “energy” purchased for use in manufacturing. This exemption has a 4 year phase-in period and applies to electricity, natural gas, propane, water, and other utilities purchased for use directly in manufacturing. The attached synopsis outlines this new exemption. It appears that the burden for claiming and supporting this exemption is squarely with the manufacturer. This exemption could pose a challenge to utility companies that need to charge tax.

Frequently-Asked-Questions-about-Sales Tax-for-Staffing-Services
Do you know which states charge sales tax on staffing services, and the specific types of services they consider taxable? Find out here.

Is your company sitting on a Multistate Tax Time Bomb?

Does Your Company Have a Multistate Sales Tax Responsibility?

Missing Exemption Certificates Can Cost You a Bundle on Audit

The Best Time to Prepare for a Sales Tax Audit: NOW!!

The Best Way to Resolve Sales Tax Problems

Business Life Cycle Chart
The sales tax considerations a business faces change as the business matures.  The sales tax considerations of a start-up business are unique and are quite different from those faced by a mature business.  This document shows the primary sales tax considerations businesses must address at
various stages of their life-cycle.  The way these issues are addressed may be straightforward or complex depending on the business and the industry. This chart is intended to act as a reminder that nearly every business has some type of sales tax responsibility that must be met in order to reduce
the sales tax liability to the company, to its owners, and to its officers. The failure of businesses to periodically review these considerations has been the cause of great regret from many companies who were surprised to find out from an auditor that their systems were not working properly.


4 Common Sales Tax Errors Companies Make–and How to Avoid Them!
Based on my experience, it seems that companies are consistently making the same mistakes with respect to sales and use tax. These include missing documents, improperly constructed invoices, out-of-date tax rules, and not filing in the correct jurisdictions (nexus problems). This article outlines why these common problems create liabilities for companies and how these liabilities can be avoided.

Corporate Officer Liability and Related Issues in Georgia
Georgia, like many other states, can hold the officers and employees of a company liable for uncollected or unremitted sales tax if there is a willful intent on the part of the officer or employee to evade the tax. Georgia also imposes successor liability on the purchasers of business assets which can make the new owners liable for the seller’s liabilities. This White Paper outlines these issues and provides commentary on how Georgia law treats these actions.

Sales Tax Liability Self-Assessment Tool
This assessment tool is intended to be used by businesses to quickly gather information about where there may be risks at their business with regard to multistate sales and use tax. This document is intended to be a high-level and self-administered assessment. If you have questions after you have completed and evaluated your responses on this questionnaire, please call me for a free 30 minute discussion of what your responses may indicate and how serious the problems may be.

Three Components to an Effective State Sales Tax Structure
States are short of revenue and are looking to change their tax codes to collect more revenue. Sales tax is in the middle of the radar in most of the states when it comes to raising more revenue. Increased tax rates, elimination of exemptions, increased numbers of services tax, and expansion of nexus thresholds are all possible outcomes during the next legislative sessions. This article outlines my thoughts on what makes components make up an effective state sales tax structure.

Let Us Help You

Our mission is to help your business understand and navigate the increasingly complicated interstate sales tax landscape. Regardless of your industry, if you operate in more than one state, you are an interstate business and you must evaluate the sales tax rules in each state where you conduct business. Even if you are only in one state, don’t assume your sales tax processes and procedures are correct. Each year, states collect millions of dollars in taxes, interest, and penalties on audit from businesses who thought they were handling their sales tax properly.

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